Highlight: PFW Women A/W 15/16

Barbara Bui
   Fashion Month, or should I say Fashion Week even, is tiring !!! Tiring but productive. Tiring but full of surprises. Tiring but wonderful ! I’m going to try a new type of fashion report, let’s see how you guys react to change. Dealing with school and fashion world is intense. Nevertheless, as long as you love what you do, you will enjoy it anyway so no worries. What would be better than being busy, with your whole day booked like crazy ? The worst thing – and I can tell about it – is when you don’t do anything, you don’t even know what to do. It happens to me as well, not often, but it happens and I hate it. With Fashion Week, I’m sure I won’t regret it. We always get to see new things, crazy looks, on the streets and on the runway. Clothes are a way to express yourself and this is what makes the beauty of the fashion world. You get to see unexpected combinations for sure.

   Day 1. Day 2. or whatever because this confuses me, I gotta see the schedule every hour of the day but anecdotes are unforgettable. Spiced by people you meet and experiences. You’re writing the story of your life everyday ! First step. I enjoy looking at the different fashion invites. They’re really creative and obviously, they need to stick to the designer’s world. Issey Miyake is Japanese and as a consequence, the invitation was an origami. It makes sense.
Here bellow is basically a little mood board. Step 2. You dress and undress. Step 3. You get paparazzied. Yes this is how I call it haha. Step 4. The show. Step 5. Backstage. Step 6. People. Step 7. After-show, after party. A fact ? Yes well, after the Balmain show, I was simply walking out of the Intercontinental Paris – Le Grand, and photographers just started to flash like crazy and then I heard somebody throwing Jared ! Jared ! Then I thought for a second, Jared Leto ? – somehow a little lost. I turned around and there was this blond guy. I was astonished because of the hair color. Hopefully a friend of mine told me later on that he was going to play the Joker’s role, this explains that ! and Kim K ? I don’t even want to know. Another day, I had the chance to meet Shea Marie aka PeaceLoveShea  and her dear friend Caroline Vreeland, the great grand-daughter of Diana Vreeland ! This happened in the backstage of the Barbara Bui show, which was by the way mind blowing but I will talk about it afterwards. Barbara herself is such a nice person, very lovely as well ! You see, fashion world isn’t that horrible ! Manish Arora was launching his flagship store in Paris the same day and I attended the opening where I per se, met him too ! 100% recognizable by its signature with a well defined world, you may some time wonder in which ‘in real life’ situation you could wear huge feathered pince-nez.  Same for Agnès of the well known French brand agnès b. Last but not least, guess what ? I saw the one and only Suzy Menkes in action ! At Valentin Yudashkin as well as at Rahul Mishra, she was sitting right in front of me, pretty funny.
   Here is my selection of some looks and shows I’ve liked. or loved even. Not even I attended the show at the Palais de Tokyo but Barbara Bui‘s collection was insane. Often stuck in the same vibe, her style remains classic but up to date ! The 5 looks bellow are definitely my weakness. The coats play with bi-material referring somehow to an animal feel which is something I really like, then the top and the dress with the split right in the middle underlines the sexiness of the items. Above all, look at this cra-zy poncho, there are no word to describe it. It’s totally a must-have for next season !
Barbara Bui

Moving on to agnes b, French style is in the spotlight. Well-known for her shirts and prints, the feel is still simple, straight cuts, refined looks. Perfect for everyday outfits, the color range is mostly around dark colors such as black and grey. As I’m into classics, this Parisian collection is right up my alley. For Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Guesquière on his side, promotes touches of orange in the collection but the yellowish beige is very pretty, especially through the trench coat with patches of leather. If I say Russian, fantasy, colors, velvet… who do you think of ? Valentin Yudashkin of course ! The designs were absolutely beautiful. I’m in love with the red jacket ! In terms of dresses, they’re coming right out of a fairytale.
Now two months of “fw-resting” ahead, let’s take a deep breath and focus on other exciting adventures ! Just live it !

Agnès B
Louis Vuitton
Valentin Yudashkin

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