Be My Prince!

We say randomness is your best friend. It leads your life to a specific location. Here I am at the Prince de Galles. This luxury hotel on Avenue George V is right next to Four Seasons George V. Recognizable by an Art Deco style, a feel of simplicity is filling in the atmosphere. By simply walking in this unique address, the entrance hall was very zen and soothing.

 Direction… the bar ! It’s 5pm, your working day is over, or almost, all you need is to have a drink in a peaceful place. Les Heures is how the bar is called. Then the barman decided to create some of his signature cocktails for us. Christopher Gaglione’s co-worker Luis David was taking care of us.
The first thing I’ve tried was an orange and whiskey based cocktail referring to the Prohibition time, the P Splash. There was a spicy touch in it and it smelled like a mix of orange and passion fruit. My greatest surprise was to find out that I could like a whiskey based drink ! Then it was the Authentic turn to be tasted ! Cognac, amaretto liquor and Grand Marnier liquor are the essence of this one. Strong. Strong. Too strong for me. It’s definitely a man’s favorite but as I can imagine, I may like cognac some day… in a far future… Afterwards, let’s go for the Juste Maléfique cocktail. In a Tiki glass, half human, half God, this one has become one of my weakness. Accompanied with slices of flambéed pineapple with cinnamon which are actually tasting pretty good even though I’m a little allergic to it. The cocktail itself is quite sweet, very fresh and perfect for summer time.
The last two are very interesting in terms of aesthetics and manipulation. The Artiste and the Pomme d’Amour. The first one comes with a lamp full of liquid nitrogen. What a spectacle ! Smoke coming out of it, loving it. Then the second one is presented with a cocktail glass, a mini version of it and a little recipient with a lemon zest under a cloche. Basically the apple contains the cocktail and you have to pour it into the little glass. Up to you if you want to put the zest or not. It’s soft and light, its visual identity is killing it !Among original creations or reinterpreted basics, the flow of liquid choreographies is worth going out of your way to try them. I totally recommend this place ! The service is perfect, the drinks are very very creative : in other words, this is experiential luxury, it’s a must go and a must try. You are 100% relaxed for this epicurean experience. I can also tell about the barman’s kindness who was able to explain and discuss with us. Moreover the Patio is like a garden with different areas decorated with flowers and mosaics. It’s an open space but could be covered if it rains. This luxury collection hotel differs by its service’s quality and its signature cocktails. 8pm. It’s time to go home. The beautiful trip is over. But I will surely come back !

The Patio
Tara Jarmon – Sandro – Maje – Minelli
Tara Jarmon – Sandro – Maje – Michael Kors – Minelli

Prince de Galles

33 Avenue George V
75008 Paris



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