Chalet Fleurier: Cocooning at Park Hyatt


In the heart of the city of love, the Park Hyatt is a luxury 5-star hotel. Located in between Place Vendôme and Opera Garnier, it is one of the perfect place for a stay or even a drink in Paris. I wanted to have a break for myself, and it turns out that the tea time was the right choice. Escaping from Parisian rush for a peaceful moment into a cottage in the mountains, with a Swiss Chalet in the back, fluffy snow white seats I’m in love with and fake snowflakes, everything is set up to make you travel within the hotel itself.
The choice was difficult but I ended up ordering this amazing smoothie : the Smooth Care (21€). You basically have all the information on the menu about what is inside and the calories contained in these drinks – weight obsessed watch out haha. The raspberry, peach, soya milk, aloe vera, almond mix comes in a glass and a bottle so you can serve yourself again. It is also accompanied with little olives and nuts, the ones garnished with dill were absolutely unknown to me but the combination tastes so good ! Here are the benefits of what I’ve chosen : “Peach offers the phytonutrients lycopene and lutein. Lycopene protects your body and lutein offers support for healthy eyes. Aloe vera is being used to treat various health conditions including burns & arthritis. Raspberries contain a great portion of b-vitamins and supplies powerful antioxidants“. I don’t know why but I find it funny to read all the good stuffs that are written, and try to balance which one is the healthiest one.
It is such a haven of peace ! Is it too much to ask to spend a quiet afternoon ? I totally love the place and if you don’t like outdoor cocooning then you can just go inside in the space called La Cheminée where you basically feel at home with comfy armchairs and sofas.

Maje sweater Kroisette –  Linda Farrow for Dries Van Noten sunnies @ Carlotti

Then comes the second part of this heavenly place… the chalet where the quintessence of the Park Hyatt and Chopard is merged. It is named “Fleurier” because it refers to a village in the Swiss Jura, one of the cradles of watchmaking where Chopard manufactures its watches. There’s always a story behind each initiative in luxury and this is what remains beautifully timeless. Woodwork, candles, lanterns and fir are married to make you feel abroad and surely not in Paris. In this cosy place, lovers or friends, you can book the table for lunch or dinner, up to 8 people.
What to say… fabulous.



Until March 1st
Park Hyatt Hotel
5 rue de la Paix
75002 Paris

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