Arty Drawings with the Tarloyan Brothers

It’s fashion week time !!! Haute Couture fashion week is starting in Paris and this is the perfect occasion to have a look at the Tarloyan brothers’ work. Last week has been overly busy for me, between final exams and fashion shows, I was literally running here and there, trying not to miss events… But well, I like that, being overbooked feels good actually, I’m more productive, have to organize myself, way more and way better, work on the schedules etc.

Taking a break in the middle of the week to breathe, I was at the opening of the exhibition. Dialog between drawings, watercolors and collages. I just love looking at fashion drawings, stone of the designing process. Meet the Tarloyan through this interview !
A : Could you please introduce yourself ?
T : We are twin brothers, from Armenia, but we’ve been living in Paris for 20 years now. We studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Yerevan then afterwards we studied at Esmod in Paris. Once we finished school, we worked at Galliano, that was our first job. Then we launched our own Couture brand, with our name Tarloyan. Then we did the “Autant en emporte le vent” musical in Paris. 10 years later, we are back with art.
A : You are taking a break from Couture, how is this going to evolve ?
T : Yes, this is somehow a continuity of the work we did because the philosophy of Haute Couture is drawing. Sketching. In other words, creating images. It’s also about sharing an idea of a strong woman but yes, maybe we will come back to Couture in the future. It evolves with how we feel, it will come naturally.
A : What inspires you ?
T : I’m inspired by art in general, but also women in the streets, exhibitions, it’s very large. Travel ? I do travel, but not that much, Paris is enough for me (laugh). There are so many things in Paris. Inspiration never dies here. I love this city ! And it’s not only about fashion in Paris, it’s art in general, we can find everything. It calls our creative minds. Do you miss your homeland ? Yes, but I go back there once a year. In Armenia, it’s not about fashion, it’s about painting. To be in fashion, I had to come here, study here.
A : What about your styles ?
T : We do have different styles, we are different as a basis but our works are very complementary. This is our mystery : people don’t understand the differences between us two. In drawings as well as in the clothing, it is our power. We find things, we look, we analyze what’s good and what’s bad, it is definitely a team work, although, painting is very individual, everyone has got his own brushstroke. In fashion, we work in pairs. In this exhibition, you can see that we worked on external and internal harmony, this is very important then the diversity of the colors and the lines gives a real vital force, what we seek in art…
   You know, fashion world jobs are very complex. You have to be ready for everything, to be on the look-out for any information, for art, for colors, for lines, for perspective, for music, for architecture, it’s a bit of all this, and you need to master these artistic disciplines. You need to concentrate. You can’t just draw and make it real, there’s a real work behind, on the cuts, on the fabrics, … This is it, time goes by, we learn a lot, it is through time that we can add new techniques. It’s an ever-ending job. It’s extraordinary. It’s always a surprise in the end.
A : Through all these images, are there some you wanted to make them real ?
T : So yes, here are just inspirations, none of them has been carried out. These are paintings, but paintings lead us to ideas. We do have ideas we want to make real, but not completely. It’s like taking bites of this and that and put them together. It’s an alchemy. We never start from one drawing and do everything around it, we mix ideas, facial expressions, clothes, choices of fabrics. Moreover, drawing starts from us and ends with us. There’s no one else in the process, not like in fashion design.
There’s a lot of drawings that remains on paper but in fashion, it evolves, when we want to go further then we draw another one, more precise, with explanations. The first idea comes on its own, it’s an expression on paper. There are stages.
A : To end up, a quote ? a message you want to share ?
T : Fashion is an incitation to do trade, it’s 50% of creation and 50% of business. This is the industry. What I would like is that all designers should care about art first. It’s key. If you don’t know art in general, it’s very hard to be a designer. All the best designers master art. John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, … they know perfectly the drawing, the colors, the lines, … It is so important ! Which designers inspire you ? John Galliano, we worked for him in Paris. It wasn’t the time of Galliano and McQueen, but the french iconic designers were the ones who were in the spotlights. These two, at this time, started little by little to change everything in the fashion world. It was a real show on the runways. This was very inspirational for us and then we started to do our own runways. It went on its own. The Galliano era was very intense. A memory you want to share ? It’s always Paris. Everyday I wake up, I feel I’m a new comer here. I feel like rediscovering the city all the time. This is my eternal memory. Always lively, dynamic, but also calm at the same time. We can find all we want, especially art, and art is the driving force of everything. We can’t define art, it’s such a mystery, I can’t explain… What is art…? it’s sharing, it’s a presence… This meditation is wonderful… You live in slowness but it’s always following you.


selfie with the Tarloyan brothers @missannatai
Galerie Flora Jansem
18 avenue Matignon



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