Frenchy Vibes

Music does mean a lot for all of you and this is why I couldn’t start the year without talking about my 2014’s discoveries, and it has musically changed my life. We grow up and our tastes evolve. July 18th was a big turning point because I decided to attend some sort of a live concert/party at Wanderlust. God knows I hate the crowd but you know, I couldn’t miss Klingande, f.o.m.o. style! I didn’t know the other DJs very well, and the key is somehow there. Meet the world!

While Klingande was playing (y’all know Jubel, and I can’t wait for the new track featuring Broken Back, the sneak peek is already crazy!), everything around disappeared and my whole mindset was focusing on the music and the saxophone – basically stuck in a soap bubble floating in the air. In the mean time I had the chance to discover Androma whose sets make me travel around the world by its different rhythms and exotic touches. It is fascinating how music has the power to unite people, to share with strangers, and to make us spend a good time. Dancing, moving, singing, … whatever, it’s all about feeling free.




Anybody can talk about music, and it is incredibly magical by its universality. That night I heard for the first time Mozambo represented by 3 young men from Marseille, France. My musical crush of 2014. Their motto is simple “No genre, Just music” in another words, no need to define a genre as long as you dance!
Among remixes and original tracks, they understood how to invade the music universe. I can’t get enough of their version of Latch by Disclosure, the game is over, this one is way too good! It does make me move all the time, no matter where I listen to this remix. I haven’t met anyone yet telling me it’s not the best version ! Whether it is Anga or Africa, they managed to create a punchy african sound which is different from anything else. In a completely other style, we’ve got So Flute & Rhythm of the Night then in the brand new track Bright Side, the instrumental part from 2:35min is incredible. I know the list is quite long but I can’t only choose a couple ones and if it was up to my will and only my will I’d put all of them but I couldn’t finish the presentation without To Describe You mixed with Kungs…

Here I come with the second profile, my dear Kungs. The South of France is well defined once again with this talented teenager.
He has created his own world, from Jammin, Candy, to West Coast, we can really tell the coherence and the harmony from one another. My favorite one would be All of Me, my heart is definitely melting every time I play the song… He conveys such peaceful and calm sound, totally what you need for a chill day. The Y gen is playing hard! He is also joining Klingande who is going back to his hometown – Lille – on January the 31st : that night is going to be crazy, I can assure you!

“La bonne musique ne se trompe pas, 
et va droit au fond de l’âme chercher le chagrin qui nous dévore”
Stendhal, Lettres sur Haydn
In english, ‘good music is not mistaken, and goes right to the deepest part of the heart to seek the sorrow devouring us‘. YES, y’all agree that if anyone is feeling down, they will listen to music. I obviously can not live without music, I can’t imagine for a second it could be possible. So listen to some good vibes and enjoy the ride! If they’re around, don’t miss them!!
Check out some other peeps : Gostan, Faul, Mokoa, Henri Pfr, Ofenbach who just signed with Crosswalk Records, what a good way to begin the year, congrats !! The Frenchies are in the place!

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