Drink Clink At Renaissance Arc de Triomphe

The Renaissance hotel welcomes everyone to discover David Combet’s creations. This young head bartender of the Parisian hotel reveals some of his recipes accompanied by the degustation. Depending on the day, you can try a barrel drink or a punch.

Thanks to several days of maceration process, the barrel-made cocktail gets old and, notes of wood and vanilla come out. This technique allows to play with the aromas in order to give a stronger savor. Although, the punch, which means ‘5’ in Indian, is composed by five different and distinct ingredients : strong, sweet, bitter, spicy and a bond. David unveils a new recipe every two days : Paris in Love, Iris by Paris, FroggynPassion, D Day, Punchy Passion, …

I started the first time trying French Connection which is a whisky based barrel. Strong as an after-dinner liqueur, I still can’t drink this with pleasure and smile, but more with a funny face drawn on me.

French Connection
60cl French Armoire whisky
90cl Maker’s Mark Bourbon
60cl Lillet Rouge
12 Dash Fee brother’s whisky barrel-aged bitters
6 Dash Fee brother’s cherry bitters
Maple syrup
This is how it looks like just above.
I came back the day after with a friend of mine. David told me to, and I wanted to try one of his punch, so… obviously. While David was presenting his whole mixing liquids performance, I was explaining my friend what this was all about : this new concept is currently on trial and Washington needs feedbacks from the five hotels offering this kind of event. This is why we need to answer some easy and fast going questions after the drink to get a 10€ voucher available right after at the bar. Yes, this is what I call a ‘hot this week’ evening as the price range is around 12€ for a basic cocktail and 15€ for a cocktail with alcohol. The good deal basically ! It is also a will to underline the cocktail bar side of the hotel, to make it more… hype ? young ? fun ? in other words ‘the place to be’ and ‘the place to meet’.
Paris in Love is a fruity punch. I can easily see myself holding this very fresh drink near the pool during summer. It is indeed completely different from French Connection. I would definitely try to do it again with friends !
David preparing the punch
Paris in Love
120cl Saint Germain liqueur
100cl Suze
80cl Lime juice
3 cups White sugar
160cl Cranberry juice
10 Dash Fee brother’s cherry bitters
Garnish : red currants, cherries, dry lime
As you can see, the atmosphere is quite nice and modern, there’s also a DJ playing some electro/deephouse music. You feel pretty good here, having a drink, gossiping about life. The service is pretty okay, and honestly the cocktails are g o r g e o u s. I couldn’t decide what to order so David made a specific cocktail for me, so it has no name but according to my tasting skills (don’t be to sure about that by the way), there was champagne, violet syrup and cranberry. Anyway, I had a great time !
Hôtel Renaissance
39 Avenue Wagram
75017 Paris
David Combet & myself

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