Chloé x Vogue

Hi there ! My friend Maude invited me to the Chloé x Vogue event of this week so right after school we went there… Once arrived the atmosphere was very nice, we started to walk around and about 10 minutes later, two of our school mates called us, they were surprisingly here, behind us, it was really unexpected. While watching the luxury pieces and analyzing all this, the DJ was playing some cool music, nothing extravagant.

Jennifer Neyt’s selection – Vogue’s fashion & market editor and’s editorial manager
While going through pieces of fabrics and leather, I realized how important it is for a luxury brand to set everything up. The visual merchandising work behind is crucial and this is what raises luxury in the uniqueness of it. I like pretty things, I like when it’s shiny, clean, well organized. You need enough space between each item to be able to breath and let your brain visualize : this is central, real work. I am pretty fond of Chloé, this very feminine touch mixed with a real french feel. I’m also crazy in love with the sunglasses !!
Eliza striped shoes on the left aren’t really for me but the Drew bags bellow on the right are simply gorgeous.
Devon by Chloé


Bronte by Chloé
Clare by Chloé
To end up this event with glitters, Kristina Bazan was here to discover the new collection just like us! Only 2 years older than me, she is well known for her fashion blog aka Kayture. Her career path is growing day by day and I admire this. She is very simple and true, I started to speak english but I totally forgot she was from Switzerland … anyway, we were then talking in french. Plenty of projects are waiting for her, and she will move to the US in 2015. It was such a pleasure to meet her!



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