Salon SNBA 2014

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between France and China, the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts organized last weekend an exhibition with over 600 artists of the Middle Kingdom. I feel like repeating myself but it was at the Carrousel du Louvre a g a i n.
Right at the entrance, the arty trip began with a labyrinth-like way, made of shiny signs with Chinese written characters. Once arrived in the first room, ethnographical columns were right in front of me and on the right there were two gorgeous metallic animals : an eagle which represents power in China but then I couldn’t exactly tell weather it is a jaguar or a leopard… such a shame…

Moving on to the back of the same room but also the second room because I want to share the whole painting part in a same section. Work of Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish artists and more were presented, I just picked the ones I liked the most.
The first one is a painting by Li SiYun, and the whole series is very realistic, you feel the paintings are almost like pictures which is quite incredible. The ladies represented are gracious like a ballet dance move. I felt harmony and purity through the work I was facing.
Li SiYun
Following to the stone of traditional Chinese paintings, especially with “Souffle spirituel de la montagne et de l’eau” – Spiritual breath of the mountain and the water. Then Cao JiGang’s “Green Askew stone”. Landscape is a recurrent theme that is often seen in the kakemonos. Here are two examples bellow with Liu JingHong’s “Confirmer et réaliser” – To confirm and realize – golden medal and a painting by Ma YongQian.
Souffle spirituel de la montagne et de l’eau
Green Askew Stone – Cao JiGang
Confirmer et réaliser – Liu JingHong
Ma YongQian
Now, something I enjoy the most is colors. To me, it is synonym of life, joy and happiness. It gives a punch and wakes you up.
“Cascade dans la vallée” – Waterfall in the valley by Xiong Bin speaks to me as freedom and love for nature, far away from any mark of technology, just me and Earth. Then in “Couleurs du soleil” – Colors of the sun by Xiao JiBo, the sun kissed landscape is reflecting some vivid feel added to the infinity of the mountains. I will end up this series with “Passions 7054” by Rikka Ayasaki where the represented tree is somehow abstract with a little relief.
Cascade dans la vallée – Xiang Bin
Couleurs du soleil – Xiao JiBo
Passions 7054 – Rikka Ayasaki
Last but not least, the “foreign” artists did an interesting work as well. Nacho Piattini painted “Il bacio” which basically depicts two women kissing each other. What I see through this piece of art is the beauty revealed by both women, the sensuality of the movement and the delicacy. Robert Boudroit is about something completely different with “Le Pont Neuf”, one of Paris’ bridge. Painted with oil, the glossy dimension is making it more real. Finishing with Marie-Hélène’s “Il n’y a plus de cidre”, two apple trees in the middle of nowhere highlight a glance of life in an empty space such as desert. This painting asks for reflexion. Autumn is arrived, no more cider.
Il bacio – Nacho Piattini
Il n’y a plus de cidre – Marie-Hélène Villeneuve
Eventually, here is a shadow play and myself taking a selfie with a painting. Yes. I’m a weirdo. No, actually, I was simply happy to be there !

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